Haydee Jiménez

Certified Real Estate Agent
La Salle, Cancun. Mexico

Certified Marketer
ITESM, CMM. Mexico

Caribbean Playa Rentals is focused on helping you customize your vacations to your personal interest. We offer a wide range of accommodations and our priority is to satisfy your needs to make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

We also provide property investment solutions in disciplines as acquisitions and disposals. Offering you specialized and certified consultancy. Detailed property information is provided through this site along with property tracking. Don’t miss property investment opportunities we can provide you.

Property Management is an aditional service provided to our clients. Our quality work has made more owners interested in the service.

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Playa del Carmen, located in the Riviera Maya, is one of the most attractive and fascinating places in the world.

The extensive cultural and natural wonders, archeological areas, outdoor activities, diving and other water sports, make this destination the perfect environment to enjoy an unforgettable experience. Beautiful soft sandy beaches, caverns, ruins and nightlife create the most vibrant atmosphere for every visitor to enjoy.

If this is your first trip to Mexico you will be enchanted by the natural beauty that surrounds you and the warm of the local people. Caribbean Playa Rentals wants you to be part of this land and help you to plan and discover everything in this region to suit your needs. Our custom services provide vacation rentals homes or condos, transportation, and personal assistance in all entertainment requirements.

Caribbean Playa Rentals is the link to the vacation of your dreams in Playa del Carmen, having a portfolio of properties that assures diverse options according budget and specific needs. Let us make the vacation of your dreams come true.